About Small Art School

Our mission

Provides free art education to Cambodia children,
especially for those children who have the will to
learn but lack the opportunities to do so.

We promote the children's creative expression while allowing
them to cherish joyful learning experiences as they grow.

We are very proud of our children and students who have deepened and broadened their
knowledge and creative abilities through Small Art School's programs and activities.

Why Cambodia ?


Young population


Of Cambodians are
25 years old or younger. (2)

Exterminated creative community


Of artists, musicians, dancers
and intellectuals were killed by
the Khmer Rouge.(1)

Underdeveloped economy


Of Cambodia's population live
below the poverty line. (3)


Reduced child labor


Have to work to help their family.

Provides partly high education 


Of Cambodians finish
high school. (4)

Serves as a nursery institution


Of children under five are
malnourished or stunted. (5)

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Management team
In 1974, at the age of 26, he graduated from the Department of Sculpture and Fine Arts. For two years after graduation, I was working daily without making a job and working part-time. He turned 28 and became a high school art teacher. One of the reasons I couldn't think of anything else when I considered my specialty was that I thought I could use my specialty and be financially independent. At school, he taught art in general, and for several years he was absorbed in learning the job of a teacher.
Tomoko Kasahara
Founder & Art Japanese teacher
In 2007, after graduating from high school, he began to work as a translator for a small art school as Kasahara's right arm.Through your work as an interpreter, there is no mistake in the picture. He learns from Kasahara that he can express freely, and starts drawing himself with the help of a charity contest poster. Hea wants to express "the peace of the world, the bonds of family and the warmth" through his paintings. The warm work he draws captivates the viewer.
Hea Chheav
Co-Founder, Artist, Interpreter & Japanese Teacher
FromBorn in Chiba Prefecture. He holds a bachelor's degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. After graduation, he worked for an NPO supporting refugees and immigrants in Southeast Asia and Africa. Through his work, he became interested in Southeast Asian issues, especially education in Cambodia, and decided to move to Siem Reap in November 2009. Meet art teacher Kasahara through a resident Japanese. After that, as an art coordinator of a small art school, he worked in schools and galleries, mainly in public relations and production.
Yuko Sakata
Art Coordinator

The Team

Our Artists

Our History


Founder Tomoko came in Cambodia and started building the school


“Small Art School’’ opening & Hea joined the team


Yuko Sakata, from Japan,  joined the team as an Art coordinator.


First collaborations with local & international organisations


1ST Art Exhibition at Victoria Hotel in Siem Reap.


In February, we provided a poster design and art exhibition for Angkor Wat International Film Festival (Sofitel Hotel). Implemented in 2013 and 2014.


Around 170 kids attend our art lessons. 

“Khmer Kids Art Gallery” is founded in June at Old Market area.  

“Khmer Kids Art Gallery” is founded


In October, at the request of the KDDI Foundation, an art lesson will be held at a school in a village in Myanmar.


School registration in Cambodia.

School has been approved by Cambodian Ministry of Education. No. 1484 


We launched Khmer traditional story, “Reamker” art book.  


Around 350 children attend our art lessons.

10th year anniversary and art exhibition in Ginza Tokyo.  


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We started a new collaboration with handicapped children’s school Krousar Thmey and started Saturday morning art lesson.  

Child Protection Policy

Small Art School’s (SAS) CPP has been developed in order to provide a clear framework for managing and reducing the risks of child abuse by persons engaged in volunteering or working at SAS and delivering SAS’s program activities.

The policy applies to all members of the SAS management team and staff, our overseas business partners, and any sponsor, visitor or volunteer who will come into contact with children through SAS. All enquiries about this policy should be directed to smallartschool@gmail.com

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