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Here are our current staff and art teachers at the Small Art School.  

Hea Chheav

Interpreter & Art teacher

Hea is from a large family in Beng Melia, a town popular for its temple ruins, in the province of Siem Reap. He was raised at the temples until he was 6 years old. While living at the temple, he heard about an orphanage where Japanese lessons were given. At the age of 12, he approached the orphanage director personally to ask if he could live and study there and he was accepted. He worked hard to learn Japanese and later, in 2008, won first prize at a Japanese speech contest in Phnom Penh. Tomoko, the founder of the Small Art School hired Hea to work as the main interpreter. He went on to graduate with a business degree from Build Bright University. While working with the Small Art School he has also developed a passion for the visual arts. Mr.Hea wants to express “world peace and family bonds, warmth” through his paintings. His warm works attract people who saw them.

Kunthea Lim

Artist and art teacher

Kunthea is a talented Khmer artist from Siem Reap who currently serves as gallery technician and assistant art teacher for the Small Art School.
Kunthea Lim was born on 13th April 1992, in Siem Reap city, Cambodia.Graduated in 2010 at Angkor High School, and pursued a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2012, And Hold on study in 2015. His interests include drawing, sports, and research. And His Favourite is the create new things related to art and draw painting in his spare time.
The future , He wants to be a well-known artist in Cambodia and to become a good model of teacher can help human resources to understand the art of Cambodia more broadly and to become a successful artist and pass on the knowledge and skills he has developed throughout his time as a student at the Small Art School.
And his biggest hope is to help children, as well as the Cambodian people, to study the art of painting and sculpture to become world-famous and to recognize Cambodian art as great and partly to help the poor by collecting. The money from the sale of the painting will help the poor in Cambodia.

Sokpheak Doung

Artist and art teacher

Sopheak Doung was born in 2th February, 1990 in Siem Reap City, Cambodia.
She graduated high school in 2013 and knew Small Art School in 2011.She used to learn an English lesson at Pannasastra University in Siem Reap, Cambodia. She won international art awards in Japan. She is also interested in Khmer martial arts.
She loves painting about flower, human and animal.
She wants to be an artist.

Hay Chhoem

Artist and art teacher

A passionate a multi-talented visual artist and educator, illustrator, musician, and martial arts expert, Hay began his studies in 2010 at the Japanese art school Small Art School in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Hai’s skillset is widely varied but he mainly works in oil, mixed acrylic, watercolor, and hand-cut paper and sticker. He is an admirer of both eastern and western artistic traditions and both of these influences can be seen in his unique aesthetic. His mixed-media works tap into the dual mystique of nature and humanity and showcase the knowledge and skills he has developed throughout his more than nine years as an art student. He is currently studying architecture at Bright Future University in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Hay’s dream is to share his love for the arts to underprivileged children in Cambodia through arts education.

Sovanmunny Sor

Artist and designer

Sovanmunny Sor, he Was born on 10th May 1997 , in Siem Reap city, Cambodia. He graduated from high school In 2015, he is now graduating from Build Bright University, Siem Reap in 2019, the subject he is majoring in Information Technology (IT = Information Technology). During 2012, he attended a drawing course in Small Art School that allowing from Tomoko Kasahara teacher. Most of his Favorite is designing and painting, both hand-drawn and computer-drawn with listening the music or song and singing. In the future, he would like to have his own business or work with design and art mixed with technology and innovation or creative And Create some cartoons (Animation) . Art and design, it relieved him of stress and pleasure. It also makes people around him happy with him also.“A smile gives hope to yourself and makes your surroundings happy “
Currently He works as an art teacher in the mornings, Sundays and afternoons.

Bandeth Em

Artist and art teacher

bundeth Em ,He  Was born on 08- 02- 1991. He was graduate high school since 2012 at Angkor high school Siem Reap province. He is an enthusiastic leader who hopes to merge his passion for the visual arts and his growing interest in science. With support from the Japanese teachers at the SAS. One year later , since 2014 he studied Electrical and Electronic Engineer at Build Bright University in Siem Reap. He have been learnt duration five years. He graduated Bachelor degree .And He is currently an assistant art teacher at the SAS.
His favourite in free time , reading the book, create artwork and do some research.
The goal in future ,He want to be a famous artist ,also want to be come a scientist .
His big goal as an artist is ,He want to connect between art science and human social.

Yuko Sakata

Art Coordinator

From Chiba, in Japan, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Temple University in Philadelphia, USA. After graduating, she became part of the social service sector for southeast Asian refugees and immigrants and was in charge of the inter-generational programs there. Yuko’s experience there enabled her to really learn about Southeast Asian culture. In Nov 2009, she then decided to move to Siem Reap, and her interest in the arts connected her with art teacher Tomoko Kasahara one fateful day. This meeting has paved the way to her becoming the art coordinator of Small Art School. Currently, she is handling the public relations, marketing, and sales of the Small Art School and Khmer Kids Art Gallery.

Small Art School artist interview

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