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Our School Activity

Art lesson

We promote our students’ creative expression while allowing them to cherish joyful learning experiences as they grow. We are very proud of our students who have deepened and broadened their knowledge and creative abilities through Small Art School’s programs and activity.

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Japanese lesson

Having skill for second language skills will gain more opportunity for children’s future. Therefore, we offer free Japanese classes four times a week from Monday to Thursday. At the level from beginner to intermediate, we conduct classes focusing on conversation.

Other support

In addition to school activities, when we find someone who are in need, we provide daily necessities such as rice, cooking seasonings, clothes, bicycles, stationaries and so on. We also help to buy medicine, hospital payments for people in need.

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Our collaborate organization

We’ve also learned the importance of spreading our advocacy and sharing our story, as well as the power of true collaboration with like-minded organizations and individuals. Based on that learning, we are now focusing on enhancing our programs and activities and be able to reach out to more children. We are currently collaborating with following organizations.

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Thanks to our supporters and partner

Jaya House
KDDI foundation
Social Compass
Nonprofits don’t take the time to tell the donor the impact and power of their gift, where the money went, and how it was spent. Firstly, we have to thank them from the bottom of our heart, and then tell them the impact their money had.

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SDGs activities of small art school


Small Art School supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Certificate of Cambodia

Small Art School received a certificate from the Cambodian government in November 2015.

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